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The location of Neum is very practical for visitors, because of its vicinity to the significant travel and leisure locations in nearby Croatia . Neum was first described in 533 (as Neunense), but was designed as a maritime retire in 1965 and the Old City is about 2 km inland. Neum is like a resort place in Bosnia and Herzegovina situated on Adriatic sea shore were the Adriatic Sea from Split to Dubrovnik is stunning, very fresh, and contains 22km of seacoast. The closed bay is secured from the powerful sea gusts of wind by the Peljesac Peninsula, and incredibly relaxed. With its lengthy and heated summertime, and brief and light winter seasons, is regarded to be one of the beach cities which has the biggest variety of sunshine in the season.

Neum is the only exit of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the shore, actually, the only beach resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located about 60 km from Dubrovnik, 80 km from Dubrovnik International airport, 70km from Korčula, 70km from Mostar, and Međugorje and 30 km from the boundary cities with Croacia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ploče and Metković.

All motor traffic between the Croatian cities of Ploče in the northern and Dubrovnik in the southern goes what has been known as the Neumcorridor, a 9km lengthy extend of Bosnia-Herzegovinian area. Sometimes your passports are examined, sometimes not; were around 92% of the habitants are ethnically Croatian.

Buses, especially those arriving from Croatia and arriving back to Croatia are often not even ceased for passport checks at the boundary, especially if the car owner doesn’t purpose on preventing for a break in Neum, although it is always important maintaining it on you if you know your bus is going to be crossing borderes.

There are about 5000 beds in resorts, B&Bs, visitor homes and particular accommodations. Considering that the price of housing and meals is much reduced than in close by locations in Croatia, this location is very well-known with tourists who choose excellent value for their money.

The principal hotel location is quite compact, but as it increases significantly up from the the coast, periodic cab journey (such as to the loading location for buses to Dubrovnik, Sarajevo and Mostar) is necessary and tends to price a stand up of about €5.

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